Welcome to acolman.com, I’m Alan Colman and I work for Plessey Semiconductors who are a global semiconductor manufacturer, based in Plymouth. I work out of our Swindon office

You will find a page of links to some of my more frequently used sites. Most of my photos are on Facebook. If you are that interested you can follow me on twitter  here.

Latest Instagram pictures:

 Cake from Matthew at Starbucks to cheer me up, suddenly the day got a whole lot better! #starbucks  At the West Midlands Body Building Championships.
 Pre-workout espresso. #starbucks #espresso #coffee #devere  Apple wine. #apple #wine #OSX
 New chilli sauce to try this lunchtime! #chilli #thechillihut #hotsauce  Split loyalties today, supporting Wootton Bassett but gym friends playing for Purton. Hoping for a good game.
 Go @nicolelc86  New addition to the conservatory. #whisky #longrow #campbeltown #singlemalt



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